Mordant Print

Mordant printing is an ancient dye technique first used in the Indus delta several thousand years ago. It was brought to the west in the 18th century by french textile producers who used the technique for multiple colour printing on cotton fabrics. 

It is a complex and time consuming process with several steps. First the fabric is scoured to ensure no oils or remainders of the weaving process can hinder dye uptake. The fabric is printed with a thickened mordant using a silk screen or carved blocks. The mordant is set and then the cloth can be dyed. The dye bath is made using natural dyes, derived from plant or animal sources, for example eucalyptus leaves, logwood, madder or cochineal. It takes time to extract the colour and care to make sure the correct temperature is maintained during this process. The dye bath is often strained to remove any hard material and then it's ready to accept the cloth. Most dyes require at least an hour in the dye bath, continually stirred to ensure even absorption of colour. 

The garments and accessories in this collection have been dyed using this technique. I hope you will love them as much as I have loved making them.

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